16y beginner in rocketery! Need help on how to begin!

Hey. I’m a 16 year old kid, getting into rocketry. I lookEd up some videos on YouTube on how to build my first rocket from scratch, but most of the parts recommended seemed no where to be found or simply economically inefficient to buy over the internet. I also did not want a flimsy rocket, I wanted something well built (material & parts wise) like BPS. Space’s rockets. My 3D printer is soon to be arriving, & I’m looking into paying for some CAD software, but for now I’m using free versions. I was wondering how do I achieve similar to BPS. Space rockets, with those kinds of materials & parts. Is it through 3D printing? Does he engineer pieces of scrap metal into that shape? Pretty much where do I start with going about this?

I think you are in the wrong place Rocket Chat is a system for exchanging messages like teams, slack and others, this 3D printer thing is something else.

Where do I go? ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’

hey spacenole!

Unfortunately the rockets we are building are in the form of digital communication. AKA Chat.

But… We are huge rocket and space fans. Many of us tune in and watch every rocket launch.

I dabble in hobby rocketry. Its a lot of fun. BPS videos are great. You can pick up a lot of hints from watching his stuff. It seems you really have to plan your build out with a target weight and engine. Heavier ones you might be able to make the body out of thin PVC and then 3d print things like the nose cone and fins.

But honestly… you can pull a lot off with a paper towel tube to get started and then upgrade.

I’d recommending searching for some rocket communities out there. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=hobby+rocketery+forum

Good luck!


Another very fun and educative way of learning about rockets and orbital mechanics is playing Kerbal Space Program https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/