Which self hosted media streaming server work with RocketChat?


I am think of building a self hosted streaming server to organize all the media files such as audio and video files. Don’t know which one works with RocketChat.

I know RocketChat can server this purpose but (1) RocketChat allows users to download those files and (2) RockChat does not organize those files in a proper manner (or I do not know how?).

Any hint will be highly appreciated!

Anyone knows? Any hint or a bit of information would be apreciated.

In the General setting area, I see Document Domain - what is that? That is reserved for media server?

Are you referring to the attachment storage?
I think you are not getting replies to your question, because it’s unclear what you mean.

Hi! Sorry for the late response.

I also am not sure about the questions.

You can use some external storage for file uploads. Those options live in Admin > File Upload.

Regarding the Document Domain, I am not sure. This is where it is referenced:

Thank you guys for your responding!

I am talking about a self-hosted media server that can organize media and supply auto embedding function. I am testing Jellyfin installed here http://2.n2bible.com/web and I have posted one audio streaming URL and one video streaming URL here at 从数字道聖经 but as you can see from the following screen capture, it displays the play button but the none of the buttons is clickable:

So the embedding works but the media are not allowed to play. Which setting I need to enable or disable?

Hmmm… strange, I can play the streaming media in Firefox browser, but not in Chrome. Maybe because I have not got the HTTPS secure access set up.

Have you seen Nextcloud?

Not sure about the embedding part, but it sure can organize media privately and allows sharing.

Yes, I have seen Nextcloud, for some reason I do not like it. I fell in love with Jellyfin right away :slight_smile: Now I make it work for me. It turns out to be a directory permission issue.

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I didn’t know about jellyfin. Will definitely take a look.

I have a “curated” list of open source softwares that may or may not integrate and/or complement Rocket.Chat here: