Where is the code for Rocket.Chat's landing page?

First of all, I’m sorry if this isn’t right place to ask. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a better one, so, there it goes.

I want to play with the Landing Page’s code (https://rocket.chat). I’ve been browsing Rocket.Chat’s repositories for quite some time now, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Can anybody point me to where it is? Thanks in advance.

Inspect the code, and then search.

Hi Allan,

You can also modify the landing page from the admin panel (under Admin UI → Layout → Content → “Content of home page”).

That way, you don’t mess with the code and it will keep your changes after upgrading Rocket.Chat.

I guess you guys have got me wrong. When I say landing page I don’t mean the app’s landing page - but the actual landing page, the one hosted in https://rocket.chat. Is it closed source? I couldn’t find the code anywhere in the GitHub org.

Hi Allan,

Yes, I don’t believe the source code for the website is available on GitHub, although you can still read it from the browser.

If you found a bug or would like to make a suggestion, we’ll be happy to hear it!


Aah, too bad! I’m participating in GSOC and I was looking for other forms of contributing to Rocket.chat (besides my main project). I had the idea of making some slight improvements to the landing page, but I guess I’ll have to come up with something else!

Congrats for GSoC! :smiley:

Can you give me just one example of such improvement?

Thanks! Not any big deal, just some slight improvements.

1 - Making “Scroll to explore” clickable. It would scroll the screen a bit.

2 - Improving the usability of the “Some of our clients” carousel. Right now it’s kinda clumsy - it’s hard to stop it once you got it rolling.

3 - In the “See what customers have to say”, trying to keep the bottom buttons fixed. As you move the slide, they change positions due to changes in the text size. Same applies to “Why Rocket.Chat?”

4 - Using a custom style for the “Forks” and “Stars” count instead of embedding GitHub elements.

Anyway, I have to make it clear that I’m being really nitpicky - the site is already awesome, It’s just that I was actively for something I could improve.