What is the community version of rocket chat ? Differences to "Starter" version?


IS there a dedicate community version of rocket chat available ?

What is included or not (LDAP, user seats,…) ?

I do not find a clear statement about this.

I believe v6.5.0 is the latest community version… you can see RC plans at:
Introducing the new Starter & Pro plans

Note, if you upgrade or install new version of RC, it will automatically put you at a Starter or Pro plan, to go to the community, go to Admin settings, remove the key and it will put you back to the Community version… It took me a while to figure this out :slight_smile:

I believe community is still available within v6.6.0, but new instllation will put you automatically to the Starter Plan. You need to cancel subscription going to Setting → Subscription → Cancel Subscription