Wekan - Kanban board

I’m maintainer of Wekan https://wekan.github.io

Would it be possible to:

  • Use Rocket.Chat login options to login to Wekan too, with all auth methods Rocket.Chat provides
  • Use Rocket.Chat user management options to manage also Wekan users
  • Have Wekan Admin Panel options in Rocket.Chat admin panel
  • Show Wekan board as one option on left slider menu, below chat channels, with configurable name, like Board or Project
  • Have Wekan in Rocket.Chat mobile app similarly as one of views, like Chats / Boards / Settings etc.

Any info and links to documentation and examples welcome.


Rocket.Chat Apps are pretty new. Actually not even fully out of alpha :slight_smile: So not everything that will be possible has yet been completed.

I believe its planned to allow login methods to be added by Rocket.Chat Apps.

Rocket.Chat does offer an oauth server built in also. So its possible wekan could be configured to login with rocket.chat oauth?

I’m not sure about this one. This would mean they were very tightly integrated. Such integration may be hard with an app. This would almost require sharing same DB which definitely goes beyond an app.

But if enough api’s were available i’m sure it could happen.

I’m sure some settings could be exposed via an apps settings.

I’m not sure if that exact type of extensibility is planned to be allowed… But the contextual bar on the right side we do plan to allow adding custom content.

The intention would also be to allow as much as we can to happen on mobile too. As you might know our apps have been rewritten into native apps. So having very strictly defined areas that can be extended is critical to allowing it to work on mobile.

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@xet7 Thanks for your interest! I think this will be an ideal app to make sure our re-design and update in this area is “industry quality” and ready for production-grade apps.

@rodrigo.nascimento is it possible to work with @xet7 to make sure we can make Wekan an “app” ? :thinking:

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As we are using Rocket.Chat as well as Wekan, this would be a great addition to our workflows. So I will add a big +1 and some feedback for the integration.

@xet7 A good start for the integration without big work would be more options for the webhooks, in which cases they fire, so we can select which notifications are important to see in rocketchat, which one are not.

My current roadmap is

  1. Getting login working.

For Rocket.Chat with Auth0 working.

For Wekan with OAuth2.

This is because there is existing WordPress website with Auth0, and I’m trying to embed Wekan and Rocket.Chat there in iframe.

  1. If I get above working, I can look at other integrations.

I just don’t know does iframe work, there are also other questions in forum:

@xet7 how’s the OAuth integration going? I may be able to help you with that. You can reach me at https://open.rocket.chat/direct/matheus.cardoso

Next steps would be coming up with a set of features that our Apps framework needs to support in order to provide a satisfying integration with Wekan.

I’m currently adding OAuth to Wekan. Plan is to have Google/LinkedIn/Twitter etc login to Rocket.Chat, and then Rocket.Chat to be provider to other apps like Wekan OAuth. That way logging in to Rocket.Chat also logs in to Wekan, like SSO. This could work also with Rocket.Chat SAML login to Wekan OAuth, and probably also Rocket.Chat LDAP login to Wekan OAuth.

I also managed to break Rocket.Chat layout with Custom Javascript, and then found a way to fix it:

I released Wekan v1.36 that now includes OAuth2:

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I still have problems with OAuth2:

I also still have problems with Auth0:

We are currently working on our internal setup already using rocketchat for communication and looking forward to use wekan with it. Just out of interest: Is it already possible to use oAuth for single login on both apps?

No, development is still in progress, and patches have not been added to Wekan and Rocket.Chat yet.


I little wish for the integration of both: Webhooks are great, as long as you know, how to change the code, if you want to turn on or off certain type of notifications, depending on the board you are working in. So some options in Wekan per board, which action should trigger some webhooks for rocketchat, would be great. :slight_smile: The integration of the login-system is not so interesting to me, where are using LDAP/Active Directory for both, which is already working well.

There is now some progress.

RocketChat login to Wekan, and Auth0 login to Wekan:

Keyclock login to Wekan:

Azure OIDC login to Wekan:

Also, if you would like to have Wekan in iframe, you can allow iframing from URL:
sudo snap set wekan trusted-url=‘https://example.com

Or at local intranet, allow all iframing:
sudo snap set wekan browser-policy-enabled=‘false’

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Good to see you solved authentication, @xet7! Thanks for sharing the alternatives :+1:

How are you going to proceed with respect to functional integration? There’s already a Jira Rocket.Chat which integrates using slash-commands and (formatted) messages, the Rocket.Chat core team (@douglas.gubert) is currently running a series of webinars integrating similarly with Github.

I’d love to see a Wekan-Integration with at least those capabilities as well.


Can you give links to existing Jira and GitHub integrations code so that I could look how to same with Wekan? And links to those webinar videos?

There are currently two Webinars:


Part 2

The code for the Jira-App is not open source, but the Github App works similarly.

Hi! I follow your developments Wekan with Rocket.chat. Can a video show or
instruction how to do an integration?


It’s possible to integrate so that after logging into Rocket.Chat, it’s possible to login to Wekan in other browser tab with OIDC button. Info is here: