WARNING - Upgrading to v1.0.0 - be VERY CAREFUL

As no one else has bothered to do this I’ll make you some notes (happy to be corrected if any of this is wrong)


If you want v1.0.0 and you run Snaps then be patient. Snaps are about the biggest install base. Snap releases normally happen a couple of weeks after a standard release to give the team a chance to iron out any major issues, and save you problems. Your turn will come. Please be patient. If you want to test in the meantime, spin up a docker instance in a test VM and have a play.


You are out of love it seems:

Everyone else…

There is a big change with the Mongo DB and it has caught a lot of people out as it was not announced properly and no warnings were given.

You can see it in the release notes here (you do read release notes, don’t you???)

Require OPLOG/REPLICASET to run Rocket.Chat (#14227)

They have made oplogs mandatory as it solves a lot of stability issues. If you have not converted your DB to use oplogs you are going to get errors and Rocket will not run.

See this on how to fix the damage:


You need to convert your Docker DB to oplogs/replicasets, and your compose file (if used) to handle that.

Backup BEFORE testing please…

Note that Rocket now has Discussions and Threads.

For reasons that will remain obscure, Threads was renamed Discussions, and a new Threads was created to mimic Slack type threads which people seemed to want.

However, this was all thrown in at the last minute and as a result has not been well tested. Neither the Android or iOS apps properly support threads as yet either leaving conversation disjointed.

iOS is coming slowly

Android - was scheduled for 3.5.0 but no idea at the time of writing.

In conclusion.

If you don’t mind quite a few flakey bits & pieces then get yourself a test VM and have a play with v1.0 Do NOT just upgrade without a really good test first.

If not, stay with the devil you know with v 0.74.3 and be patient and let others find and fix all the bugs.

IMHO v1.0 is a rushed Beta with too many breakages and unfinished bits to be a proper release. With < 1.0 you always knew it was Alpha/Beta, but with a v1.0 you expect a stable and sorted release. This is not it. Yes, it has lots of potential and you can see the way ahead (and don’t get me wrong, I love Rocket), but it needs a whole lot more refinement and stability right now.


My 2c worth.


Hey @reetp :slight_smile: Thanks for posting and caring so much about Rocket.Chat and the fellow community members. It means a lot to us!

We definitely value your feedback

It sadly has been neglected for a while, having not been able to build for a long time. So those using hadn’t received an update in a while. None of us have the expertise and the force driving sandstorm has all been hired up by other companies. We still love the idea of sandstorm, but none of us have the expertise to make it happen.

That said if anyone is an expert and could help us get all of the pieces added. We’d gladly add it back.

:heart_eyes: perfectly said. Yes not having oplog enabled has caused issues with installs here and there over the years. We’ve put it off. We knew it had to happen. If we didn’t do for 1.0 we knew there was no way we could do such a major thing until 2.0. So now was the last chance to make it happen.

Yes we started down the path of making threads, we actually had a PR adding threads by an awesome community member. Unfortunately after merging we realized it really wasn’t what we or the community really wanted for threads.

But we thought about it and discussions still actually made sense. For those conversations that basically fork off of a channel and are longer running. We also internally started using them for our weekly meetings. We could start a discussion and then start a jitsi call from it, and everything related to that meeting, all notes shared and stuff lived in a nice place that we could come back to later.

But with our own testing and feedback from the community we started to work again on threads. If you followed along you could see this version actually underwent many iterations.

We dogfooded this feature and each and every iteration like non-other. We had countless conversations about threads, how they should be rendered, how they should flow etc. So this feature was for sure without a shadow of a doubt tested :grin:

Unfortunately as a result of the constant tweaking to presentation that happened iOS and Android weren’t able to fully finish before 1.0. I know both teams are working extremely hard to make this happen as quickly as possible.

I would urge everyone to always test before upgrading your production install. I personally always allow minimum of a week after releases before I update any of my production installs of any software.

Testing every scenario with so many use cases is nearly impossible. So we do urge that you give it a test and let us know if we missed something.

So far things are looking good. We just have a little bit of pain to get oplog turned on for everyone.

We may not always respond to every piece of feedback but we do see it and our team is very hard at work trying to squash any new bug that might have come out with 1.0.

But if you encounter a new issue please make sure to open an issue on our github or find an existing and add what ever extra details you can add.