Using WeDeploy for Rocket.Chat


Trying to set up Rocket.Chat for my Invision Community website using wedeploy.

I have a couple of problems:

  1. the example for wedeploy uses rocketchat version 0.58 and I want to update. I want to deploy rocket images through wedeploy but their guides haven’t been the most helpful and I’m not the most code-minded

  2. I can’t quite get oauth set up. Though i think this is best resolved by talking to Invision and would rather get an updated version set up before pursuing.




Can you link to the documentation you were following that was out of date? Might be able to help resolve and pick up where it falls short.

If running 0.58 odds are fixes in our newer versions will help you out here



Sorry for the belated reply.

I used the example on github:

I tried updating it to pull a different version but couldn’t figure it out