Subscribing a specific AD group to a specific channel


Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 3.18.3
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS

Any additional Information

Hello! Configured LDAP. Now, when creating a user in Active Directory, accounts appear in Rocketchat and automatically subscribe to default channels. Good. But there was a need for some groups of users in AD to subscribe not to all channels, but only to a certain one.
Tell me, is there such a way and how to implement it? Let me clarify once again: you need to configure that when creating users in a certain AD directory, they subscribe to a certain channel, and not to everything. Thank you in advance!


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You can do that in version 3.18.3, but bear in mind that this feature was refactored and moved to EE in 4.X:

One thing you can do is to read users from LDAP/AD and script your way with our APIs:

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Thanks for the answer! I have read the documentation on your link Identity Management (EE vs CE) - Rocket.Chat Docs
but unfortunately I didn’t find an answer for myself there. It describes how to add the appropriate roles to users of certain LDAP groups. But my question is not about roles. I need to subscribe the corresponding LDAP groups to the channels corresponding to them (without subscribing to the default channels). As I understand it now, all LDAP users automatically subscribe to channels with the “Default” parameter when creating an account. How to make users with a special LDAP group not subscribe to Default, but subscribe to only one necessary channel? Is it possible to do this without the API?


I believe you are after this feature, that is EE only, as of 4.X:
Auto-Subscribe to Channels: You can map any LDAP group to a Rocket.Chat channel

Thanks for the answer! Can you tell me how risky it is to upgrade from 3.8 to 4.x? can the settings suffer? or is it completely “painless”? I would not like the existing synchronization with AD and so on to break after the update. Where can I see the list of changes in 4.x?


Its a good practice to have a staging environment, upgrade on it first, test on this environment, and then upgrade in production.

A part from those features, you will be able to authenticate against AD/LDAP, and manually sync those users.

You can keep track of all changes at our release notes:

Hello again. Updated to 4.8.3. But I still can’t find how to configure a certain group of LDAP users to subscribe not to everything, but only to specific channels. Can you tell me?


Mapping groups to channels and teams is a EE feature:

Yes, I see that it is on the list. But I don’t see any links as configured. At the same time, I was confused which edition we have: community or enterprise. I can’t find specifics anywhere.

If you go into Admin > Info, it should give you the details about your instance.

Let me know if that helps.