Slack team trying to evaluate Rocket and we are willing to use Bronze server, BUT


We want to migrate our Slack team to another chat environment.

I am using Rocket.Chat v2.15.3 on a Win10 computer.

I am trying to evaluate Rocket and I started by just finding my way to use the public server to setup a private group and discussion like this (please read the messages in the image):

Although, the UI with sidebar threads and Discussions was slightly different from Slack, I ended up liking the way you have implemented the sidebar reply threads into the main channel :slight_smile:

I was willing to present this sorta neat ROCKET UI to my Slack teammates but before I did, I thought I better start a free trial of Bronze cloud server.

What a disappointment, that UI is totally unusable, very dark background color and not even a flashing cursor in the message input frame…

And there was no reply threading to be seen. With effort, I found out how to change the background color as admin, but I have never got a cursor to appear.

I will not show my Slack teammates the Bronze server install.

Please help me get my Bronze server setup like in the image of this post.


PS I had to show the crappy threadless Bronze cloud server setup in the next post due to limit of 1 image per post…

EDIT: Also, I love the view zooming in the public server setup, but no view zooming on Bronze cloud :sob:


Here is white background on my threadless Bronze cloud server install (also please read my messages in this image):


Weird. I don’t know but my local install looks like your first image.

I’m on mobile. Not sure about the cursor.


Here is free trial Bronze cloud server with colors unchanged from Defaults.

There is no cursor in message frame, that alone makes it unusable…


Here is another clue…

When I open my Rocket.Chat App on my iphone

I can connect to the server and private group setup (that you see in my first post on the Win10 app). And, here I can see the specific replies to main channel posts, add posts there, I have a flashing cursor etc :slight_smile:


I can connect to the free trial Bronze cloud server (that does not display the sidebar ‘threads’ or a cursor in the message frame etc in the Win 10 app), but in the iPhone app on the ‘Bronze server’, the replies to main channel posts are still poorly treed and there IS a ‘Threads’ icon but when I click on it, the Threads windows slides into appearance but there is a permanent upper right whirly icon and the threads window never fills up :sob:

Just another datapoint for someone smarter than me :wink:


@geekgonecrazy could you check what is happening on @DaleKramer’s instance?


Looks like you hit that weird bug in 0.74.3 where css doesn’t load. I’ve restarted the workspace, which should cause the css to work.

In the future please open a support ticket through or emailing for any issues on your cloud workspace as can help more directly.

Regarding threads… 1.0 where threads was added will be rolling out on cloud soon.


Thanks, @aaron.ogle, it worked.

I will wait for ‘Threads 1.0’ before I get my Slack Team to try the cloud version.

If there is time for input, it would be great to be able to have an option to NOT have all right sidebar ‘thread/reply’ posts mentioned in the main channel.

And in any case, on all right sidebar posts, always have an icon to ‘Mention in Main Channel Now’ even if it already had been mentioned before …

If the UI for this options gets too complicated, you could combine with an admin option to:

  • DEFAULT all right sidebar posts mentioned in main channel


  • DEFAULT to NOT have all right sidebar posts mentioned in main channel



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We should be rolling out this coming week.

We always welcome feedback. 1.0 has already been released. But we definitely will be tweaking threads in the coming releases according to address feedback.

I can say this in particular is something I believe is planned for next release.

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I see there is 1.0.3 out 5 days ago.

I know this will really show how newbie I am, but how do I upgrade from 0.74.3 to one of these 1.0.x versions :question:

I do not see an obvious Admin function that lets me load a new version…

Also, what version should we jump in on :question: (I know that is a hard question to answer but give it a quick try for our situation :wink: )



1.0 will be rolling out on cloud sometime this week feel free to reach out to if you’d like to be among first.

Currently unless explicitly requesting to be held back everyone is updated. So as far as cloud you always jump in at the latest.

In general I’d always recommend the latest stable. All other releases are pre 1.0 so not guaranteed to get patches either. Though in general if a major security issue pops up we do update the last couple of releases if you just don’t want the latest stable for some reason

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