Security related quetions

Hi Everybody!
I have a few technical and security related quetions about Rocket.Chat that I didn’t find in documentation.

  1. Is there any encryption in messaging? Or HTTPS is the only one available chat (messaging) encryption?
  2. All messages in MongoDB are in plain text? If yes, can it be encrypted somehow?
  3. Is there any way to get detailed logs about user authorizations, admin actions and other interesting security audit logs?

I think I found answer on quetion #3.
In log one can see lines like that, when Admin checks settings in Admin Panel:
Meteor ➔ method instances/get -> userId: UserID, arguments:
Meteor ➔ publish adminRooms -> userId: UserID, arguments: ["",{“0”:“c”,“1”:“d”,“2”:“p”},50]
Meteor ➔ publish fullUserData -> userId: UserID, arguments: ["",50]
and so on…