RocketChat snaps change in language files


I am using latest RocketChat with snaps. I need to do litle changes in file rocketchat_i18n.js but when I am trying to edit this files I get error that file is unwritable. How can I do this change? Stop RocketChat from snaps not working.
Thank You for reply and help!


Snaps are read only. This prevents something or someone from changing the source causing something to stop working.

If you wish to change files id suggest taking a look at building from source instead of editing any of our release bundles.


Can I simply migrate from snaps to version build from source?


I’m sure you could. Good to remember this isn’t a PHP site. We have raw source code… that to be used in production always has to be compiled into a bundle that you should never edit manually after is created.


Yes, but some times we need to change name in language file, this should be easier.
Thank You for You reply


Feel free to make the changes upstream. Because once you fork and make changes it will be harder to keep in sync with new versions of Rocket.Chat.

More information about how to get involved with translation:


Thank You for reply. I only need change in this window image
Nazwa to ‘Imię i nazwisko’. In other rocketchat without snap I do it manual in language file.