Rocketchat Server hard drive is full and I want to clean up some files stored on the server

Hello support!
I am facing a very serious problem that the hard drive containing Rocketchat on the server is full.
I’m not sure how to clean up the software’s files or logs.
Please help me and give me some suggestions!
Thank you so much!

Hi! Welcome to our community!

How was it deployed? If it was using docker, you can truncate it’s logs and reduce it.

Thank you very much!
Currently I am using on Centos operating system and I don’t know how to solve this problem. I don’t know where I can go to delete them, can you help me?

Well, we first need to figure out how it was deployed. If it was manually, or using docker. How did you install Rocket.Chat?

Also, Where the files are stored. It can be either GRIDFS (or, inside MongoDB) or using filesystem.

Also, what is the planned retain policy. Are you keeping all files? Or keeping only files older then X month.

And finally, what are the files that are taking all the space? Logs? Uploads?

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Yes, it’s being deployed manually at the moment. And I have a detailed check that it is being stored on the file system.
I only want to store data for the last 6 months. And now, after checking, I found that the log file in the /var/log path is taking up almost all of the disk space.
How can I clean up the log file to what I want? Please help me.

Hi! You can navigate into that folder, find the bigger logs, and just truncate it.

Some instructions for doing that: