Rocketchat installation default settings

Is it possible to define default settings to be applied to RocketChat at installation time (when the database is created)? The main reason is that I want to set FileSystem as the Storage by default whenever I spin a new Rocketchat server, instead of GridFS.

The main reason for that, among others, is that I can change from FileSystem to S3 if I ever need space in a very easy and practical way (just syncing the local folder with S3, and changing the setting), while with GridFS I don’t even know how, and even if I knew it would probably be a pain.

I would prefer the FileSystem as a default so that there would not be a risk that I forget in future installations to change manually the Storage option.

Additionally, I would like to setup the Hubot user during (or right after) installation, instead of adding it manually later, and having to spin up hubot only after that.

Thanks in advance.

You can use an environmental variable to set that setting’s value. For example, FileUpload_Storage_Type=FileSystem.

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Thanks for the reply! Yesterday the docs where offline for me, so I couldn’t find it.

Is there a list with the settings documented somewhere? It seems this answer shows a way to get the ids from the mongo database, I will give it a try.

Best way to get the current list of settings is to query the database and just list the ids of the items in the collection.

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