RocketChat Deprecated MongoDB

I finally figured out how to upgrade the MongoDB from 4.0.28. I am running RocketChat 4.6.1 now on Mongo 4.0.28. I followed the guide Guide for Upgrading to MongoDB 5.0 and Rocket.Chat 4.0 on Docker and was able to migrate my database from nmap to wiredTiger. All the logs showed that everything was fine. Yet, I could not access my web page for my RocketChat instance. I read where wiredTiger is not compatible with MongoDB 4.0.28 and so I upgraded to MongoDB 4.2. No errors and logs were all happy. I made sure to go into the database and
db.adminCommand( { setFeatureCompatibilityVersion: "4.2" } )
Everything looked good but still no web page access. I decided to go to Mongo 4.4 and then to Mongo 5.0. So now I have RocketChat 4.6.1 and MongoDB 5.0 with the wiredTiger database engine. No errors. The docker containers are stable. Unfortunately, no web access.

Has anyone had any more luck than me?

I posted a video on my channel to do this. Upgrading RocketChat in Docker - MongoDB 4 0 x Deprecated - YouTube