Rocket.Chat userlist exporter


since the question came up fairly often (in #support channel) how to export a complete userlist without interacting in the administration UI, I’ve build a simple CLI tool called rocketchat-export-userlist:

It makes use of the great NodeJS API client by qeesung and writes the all the important user data (name, username, mail address(es), mail verification status, presence status, etc.) in a export file in CSV format (or JSON):

Please note that this is a community creation and nothing officially supported by Rocket.Chat itself, therefor not in the GitHub namespace of Rocket.Chat.

If you have any suggestions, improvement or feature request feel free to comment here or open an issue on GitHub.



@frdmn this is awesome!! You are right many have looked for a way to do this. We’ve often had to suggest the API, but many aren’t familiar enough with the API. This removes that complexity for them. So this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

In the case of a 3-node replica set, I assume the CLI exporter is run on the Primary Database?

Can someone please confirm or advise otherwise?