Rocket.Chat & Jitsi - integrated with our WP site

Hi everyone

We’re a small non profit (400 members) and run free courses online.

we can no longer afford the likes of Zoom and would like to have Rocket.Chat and Jitsi integrated and customised for our needs.

  1. we have a number of grps and profiles on the website

  2. Each group needs a Rocket.Chat instant (on group creation) - some private and some public. (Audio post, Gif, Emojis, Documents, links etc. - but no calls, no video). Customised with log, colours etc.

  3. For Jitsi - we need to embed “Etherpad” and inside Etherpad “WBO Whiteboard”, again a little customisation is required.

Finally, we hope to move to our own chat app using Rocket. Chat with in-App browser access to the website/Jitsi.

Please leave contact details… we hope to start ASAP.

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Hello @Saffsaff

Hope you are fine.

happy to discuss further over a call.

Could you share the detailed requirement in my email (tarun.lashkari {at} codiant {dot} com) to get a quote?

Looking forward to working with you.



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How do we close the post?.. we’ve found someone thank you.

Closing! :slight_smile:

Glad you worked it out!