Rocket.Chat Apps Project Lead


Hey everyone, this is just a little notification about a change in the leadership of the Rocket.Chat Apps project. Due to life outside of Rocket.Chat, I have stepped down from leading the Apps project and will no longer be involved in the development of Apps. I am still working for Rocket.Chat, however I have moved teams and thus all questions related to the Apps should be directed to the person currently leading them. @rodrigo.nascimento is now the lead of the Rocket.Chat Apps project, should someone else step up and become lead or Rocket.Chat hire someone he will remain the lead until further notice.

As a side note, the Rocket.Chat Apps Marketplace will be launching with the August release of Rocket.Chat on the 27th of this month. :slight_smile: As news develops, hopefully there will be more information posted. A sneak peak is located in the CLI repo, the website repo, and the main repository.

Submitting Your Rocket.Chat Apps
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