REST API for favoriting room


There is no REST API for adding/removing room to/from favorites.

Realtime api is available:


@marcos.defendi Do you think that’s possible to implement? Could be something like this:

POST api/v1/chat/favorite/:roomId:
POST api/v1/chat/unfavorite/:roomId:


Let’s please refrain from going this style on v1. As that’s changing the style mid v1, I thought we had decided to stay with the same style on the same versions and change it with new versions.


Oh, right! What should be the style for v1 in this case?


room.favorite?room/roomId which could be a toggle or go with room.unfavorite


I hope we can do something like this instead for v2 :blush:

PATCH api/v2/rooms/:rid:

  favorite: true


PATCH api/v2/rooms/:rid:

  favorite: false


Issue created, I guess we can archive this topic now:

archived #8