Readable display of the full names of rooms (channels)


In release 0.71.0, an error “Edit room name with uppercase letters (# 12235 by @nikeee)” has been corrected. But we and many users used this error to display the names of rooms (channels) in a reader-friendly form, which used uppercase letters and a space character.

Now there is no such possibility. The names of the rooms (channels) can contain only uppercase letters, numbers and symbols "-", "_". And this is not very user-friendly. Setting «UI_Allow_room_names_with_special_chars» in «true» does not completely solve the problem.

Many users are very disappointed with it.

Therefore, I propose to consider the problem solution as follows.

To add an optional field “Full name of the channel” into the form for creating a channel, and to connect it with the “fname” in the database. One can fill in the above field using the desired name in the desired format and language. To record data from the "name" field automatically, in case the above field is not filled in. When outputting, the contents of the “fname” already displays on the panel in the channel list, so nothing needs to be changed. It is like "Username" and "Name".

And finally to add this field “Full name of the channel” into the form “Information about the room”, into the form “Information about the room – to change” for users and for the administrator on the panel in section “Channels”.