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React Native error


I have a problem with the login page of the React Native app (it comes out blank). More than 17 days ago I read that it was a general problem because of the new update from 21 days ago. But, I have not yet seen that they have uploaded an update and I do not know if someone solved it. The error that comes out is the following:

Warning: Failed prop type: Invalid prop children of type array supplied to FormContainerInner, expected a single ReactElement. in FormContainerInner (at WorkspaceView/index.js:71)

Can you confirm what version of the app?

Looks like testflight/iOS and 2.2 ?

You might want to try a newer version of the app.

This show you more: building app in whitelabel mode results an empty screen · Issue #3302 · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.ReactNative · GitHub

That is, I think it is a general problem, not my environment, or am I wrong?