Problem with hipchat import


I want import room and users from Hipchat, and see this message The file uploaded isn’t a valid HipChat export file. how can I solve this problem?


Hi @mike

As I could see, HipChat Cloud now exports as they do for the Enterprise version, it’s a tar.gz.aes right and you entered a password to export your data right?

If yes, please take a look at our documentation for HipChat Enterprise import here and let me know if it solves your problem.



I too have run into the same issue. I correctly converted the .aes file to the required .tar.gz but i get the same error mentioned by the OP. I get farther when i untar the .tar.gz file and then tar it again. It will sit at the import screen while the loading dots run though their animation. For reference, our initial .tar.gz file is 4.5gb. I’m going to let it sit for awhile to see if it eventually give me the option to hit import.