Notes for student applicants

Proposal time has started. You need to find a project and research the topic to prepare a proposal.

Register and summit your proposal at GSoC official site:

You are also encouraged to show us your programming and problem solving skills by contributing a PR on GitHub.

To see the list of issues suggested for the first time contributor (Click link below):

You can prepare for both by using the features in Rocket.Chat, read the docs, run your own instance, learn the codebase.

Find related issues, report if you find your own issues, talk about your approach. Make small, isolated changes and submit for review.

When seeking help on proposals, you’ll need to do your own research and meet your mentors half way.

For development help, not related to your proposal, make sure you’re asking questions in the right place, to the right people.

Try finding a specific person by looking at the relevant code to lookup commit history and authors.

Don’t ask for information you can easily find yourself. There’s a lot of pre-requisites for developing open source that are not the responsibility project maintainers. Ask for specific advice, providing context of what you’re doing and detail what you’ve already tried.

That shows you’ve made effort to resolve an issues on your own and have done the most you can to help us in trying to help you.


Thank you for the guidelines Sing Li

thank you for this detailed info. I wanted to know who is the mentor for Android Draw Project?

Thanks for you note @

Actually the words of @tim.kinnane - your Australian mentor of several exciting BOT projects for this year :sunglasses:

1 Like the thought of another Aussie into bots as much as I am excites me.

Might reach out to him and see if we can collaborate on some stuff.

Awesome @JSzaszvari - please do!