Message was grey and need refresh page to appear

In the log when I send a message I have this :

{“level”:35,“time”:“2022-09-06T19:53:12.808Z”,“pid”:11318,“hostname”:“xxxx”,“name”:“Meteor”,“method”:“stream-notify-room”,“userId”:“xxx”,“userAgent”:“RC Mobile; android 12; v4.29.0 (34199)”,“remoteIP”:“xxxx”,“instanceId”:“xxxx”} {“level”:35,“time”:“2022-09-06T19:53:12.889Z”,“pid”:11318,“hostname”:“xxx”,“name”:“API”,“method”:“POST”,“url”:“/api/v1/chat.sendMessage”,“userId”:“xxx”,“userAgent”:“RC Mobile; android 12; v4.29.0 (34199)”,“length”:“79”,“host”:“”,“remoteIP”:“xxx”,“status”:200,“responseTime”:70}

I have many web server behind same public IP and I need a fisrt reverseproxy behind other web server and rocketchat :confused:

This multiple proxy between client and Rocket.Chat server can bring a lot of problems.

We just had a user with this topology (Different symptoms) and was able to fix them:

I have the same issue with greyed out messages and there are no problems with socket connection.
Socket is connected and receiving ping/pong, but not the message info.
Setup i the latest docker image behind nginx on a dedicated subdomain for rocket.

Btw, I can actually see the message arriving on the socket, but it just doesn’t get rendered.

Do you see any outstanding logs on browser console?

No, nothing strange here.
But, it looks like I am getting is typing notification, but not the message receiving ones.

Could I help with some more info or create an account for you to check it out?

Sure! Can you ping me at Rocket.Chat ?


Missed messages on forum.
Pinged you on rocket.

Repeating myself on this thread also, if anyone stumbles on it…

Ok, I have managed to fix it on my side, after a while…
The issue was in oplog connectivity, but Rocket logs and info were falsely showing that everything is ok with oplog.
My issue was that my MongoDB server was in standalone mode, and oplog events are not thrown in MongoDB standalone mode, only in replica sets.
I have just converted my mongo into a replica set and everything works now.

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Thank you @vaxter , with replication set, message was not grey and notification was instant.
Sorry for this mistake, doc for install without docker it’s not very clear :confused: