Is url in `rocketchat_uploads` collection in mongodb supposed to have absolute path like`<path>` or just `<path>`?


Is url in rocketchat_uploads collection in mongodbo supposed to have absolute path like<path> or just <path>?

I see in one of the test instances that is using rocket chat version 1.x is using just the relative path, but another instance of 3.x version is using absolute path.

So I wonder if it is our misconfiguration in the 3.x instance, as my understanding is that the absolute paths will break once the site’s ROOT_URL is changed.

So which is the supposed way and what could cause the absolute paths in URL?


Anyone kindly help me with this query?
Actually I am trying to migrate attachments from gridfs to filesystem using GitHub - arminfelder/gridfsmigrate: RocketChat GridFS to filesytem migration script. And inorder to do that, I need to these incosistencies in paths. So tryign to understand if the path is supposed to have the hardcoded site name included.