How to remove webdav integrarion


just a question:

Is there a way to remove a webdav integration again?

So I have added a webdav connection to a user account in order to be able to share files from my Nextcloud. But how can I remove this again? There is only a “+” (and no “-”)…


There seems to be no way to remove the webdav integration, once it is defined.

This is very unconvenient. Specifically, after making a mistake in my first webdav definition, I tried to at least overwrite the existing configuration by using the same name: This creates a second webdav entry with the same name.

Also disabling and reenabling the webdav integration on the system level does not help.

In the end I resorted to directly manipulating mongodb:
When running mongosh there is the database rocketchat with a collection called rocketchat_webdav_accounts that contains the entries.

For a docker-compose based setup this means:

docker-compose exec mongodb bash
use rocketchat

Then delete the webdav accounts you want to delete with

db.rocketchat_webdav_accounts.deleteMany({ _id: "some id you want to delete" })

I did not dive into the question whether I should update any other entries in addition. But as a userID is stored inside the “webdav_accounts” I assumed it is not necessary.

I had to restart my rocketchat client to have the entries disappear.