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How to Integrate the Rocket chat with keycloak

Hi guys!
I am using rocket chat by the docker, also I have keycloak with docker. My rocket chat hosted under and my keycloak hosted under the
I want integrate the rocket chat with keycloak.
but I can’t integrate it.

keycloak configurations

  1. Provide a client ID: `rocket-chat-client
  2. Select the client protocol as openid-connect
  3. Select the client access type as confidential
  4. Standard flow implemented: ON
    5.Valid Redirect URL:*

Rocketchat Configurations

  1. URL: `
  2. Token Path: /realms/{realm_name}/protocol/openid-connect/token
  3. Token sent via Header
  4. Identity Token Sent Via: Same As “Token Sent Via”
  5. Identity Path : /realms/{realm_name}/protocol/openid-connect/userinfo
  6. Authorize Path: /realms/{realm_name}/protocol/openid-connect/auth
  7. Scope: openid
  8. Param Name for access token: access_token
  9. Id: This is the id of the Rocket.Chat client created in the keycloak rocket-chat-client
  10. Secret: Secret key provided in the credentials tab when creating the Rocket.Chat client
  11. Button Text: Login with Keycloak

Please help with this