How to get last message for list of Subscriptions


I’m developing an application that uses our own custom UI for the list of rooms/channels and then uses the embedded iframe for the messaging UI. One issue that I’ve encountered is that I’m unable to get the last message for a list of subscriptions. My goal is to display the last message just like the sidebar in the web UI does.

Is it possible with the API to get a list of all subscriptions in 1 API request with the following?

  • Last Message
  • Alert
  • Unread Count

I’ve tried loading the full web UI and going through all of the network requests, I’ve tried tracing the code paths through the UI code and I’ve looked at all of the REST endpoints to try to find where this data is and I cannot figure it out.

I’d prefer to not use the channels.list API b/c it does not seem to return the alert and unread properties.

Thank You