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How to do CI/CD with a custom rocketchat repo


We are planning to make some tweaks on Rocketchat for internal use and save the code on gitlab.
We would like to know the general idea and tools to checkout the source from gitlab, run the test, then auto deploy to staging/production server. We have only 2 dev who are willing to study CI/CD and setup it while studying Rocketchat source code at the same time.

We did custom development and deployment of Rocketchat in the past and it was very time-consuming so we are thinking of CI/CD.

Browsing the official Rocketchat repo, I have found only installation guides (which help a bit). I also see some trace of , docker, etc… in the source code, but not sure if it would help us on CI/CD part.

I really appreciate your answers/hints. Thanks in advance

Hi! I have a lot of RocketChat automatically building using bash right now through docker. Havent move the GitHub repo to our Gitlab internal repo so I could upstream commits.
But, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be easy to move it over. Only problem I’m trying to solve right now is caching node_modules to reduce the npm install time.
Perhaps we can compare notes, since you don’t seem to have any better answers to this so far.

HI! Sorry for the late response!!

I think we should try sharing this threads on our #dev channel. I am sure we can get more traction there.

I asked our dev team to see if they can give some hints about those building issues. Let’s see if they can help somehow.