How do I access IM logs


I am having trouble figuring out how to access the IM logs for the server. I need to be able to save ALL messages between users, and in all channels. From what I have been able to figure out, the server doesn’t seem to actively delete any of the messages, but I need to know how to access them, if possible. Also, I would like to archive them occasionally, locally.

Help with this is VERY appreciated. Thanks!


You’ll need to access them through MongoDB directly as theres no interface to do this by default. (Rightfully so as well, Huge privacy issues)

The messages are stored in the ‘rocketchat_message’ collection.

If you don’t know how to use Mongo’s cli, then you can use a GUI tool like Robo 3T or MongoDB Compass.

I suppose you could write a script to export the messages out into a more useable format, or ensure you have regular backups of the database so you can go back in time.

If you need some sort of corporate archiving solution then there is built in support for (Administration -> Smarsh)


I don’t see how there is a privacy issue, in any way. You are presenting this platform as a replacement for Slack, which is MOSTLY for corporate use, in a business environment. There is no privacy concern. If fact, quite opposite. In many industries, it is a REQUIREMENT that all messages be archived. I am not in one of those industries, but we DO require archiving for other purposes.

I already looked into Smarsh, and that was ungodly expensive for what we need, defeating the purpose of using an open source chat service.

I will look into the other tools you suggested. Thank you