How can I make auto-responder as soon as a new user enters the chat to welcome them?

It is hard enough to sell people on some chat that isn’t discord and when I finally get new users to come I lose a lot of them because no-one in the group responds to them within the first 10 minutes and they just go and never come back. That is frustrating having put in the work to get them to come over.

Often people are working when the new users come so the new user is not seen, only usually about 20-30 minutes max but usually that is far to long to these impatient discord addicts and they just nope out never to return.

So I would like an autoresponder to give them a welcome message immediately on their arrival so they will get interacting until a normal user comes around to take up the slack. So how would that be achieved? I am guessing some kind of bot but have not do not have any experience with bots so far.

I haven’t tried this, but, since slack webhook scripts are supposed to work with RC, hubot might meet your needs.