How can I get Prometheus metrics in local installation?

In “Administration → Logs” UI we have Prometheus tab. It can be enabled and default port is 9458. But I couldn’t run http://rocketchat:9458/metrics to get metrics. Error: connection refused.
Port 9458 has been opened in my firewall already.
How can I get Prometheus metrics ?

Also I can’t get connection to http://localhost:9458/metrics on Rocketchat server.

Why is it so unfriendly community? Two times asked about different problems - got zero answers at all.
Rocketchat has this possibility because it’s written in its docs, so I want more information how to enable it.

I’m finally done with my problem. I had to expose port 9458 from my Docker container. At first I didn’t get any metrics when I exposed it, but I got a correct response from the page http://rocketchat:9458/metrics. After that I had entered 0 ms in the “Reset Interval” setting in “Administration - Logs” and then I was able to get metrics.
Not all of them, around 75%, others are still empty, but it’s much better situation then it was before.