Discourse SSO integration

I have an existing community running on Discourse forums. I want to use Rocket.chat to provide chat functionality to my forums.

I want to use Discourse as the SSO provider for Rocket.chat, hopefully with 1-click authentication and account creation. Preferably with userpic import. I don’t want to have a separate location to manage users in Rocket.chat-- I want the entirety of user management to stay within Discourse.

Here’s a thread detailing using Discourse as an SSO provider:

Here’s an existing example code for using Discourse’s SSO provisions with Passport and Node.js

I need someone to package this functionality into a Rocket.chat integration. You will be free to also release this code public on your own Github and submit it as a pull request to Rocket.chat’s repository-- we just care about the feature existing for our use, and have no desire to see it kept private (should I cross-post this to the feature request forums?)

Message me a price quote if you’re interested in this work.

I’m also looking for this - did you ever get a solution in place? :slight_smile: