Changing base url


Hello All,

I currently have windows server environment setup for many other web services (like sonarr, radarr, etc) which all go through my NGINX Reverse proxy. I setup an Ubuntu Server VM to host rocket chat via snap, and it has all been working great, except for setting the base url (or ROOT_URL as the documentation calls it)

I currently am already using my base “https ://domain .ca/” (added spaces as new users can only have two links in a post) and want to use “”. When using the recommended NGINX location block config, chrome will attempt to load the page, but get a 404 error in the console when looking for resources. These errors show it is not using “/chat/”.

From what I can tell (I am not a huge linux guy) I have set the ROOT_URL environment variable to “” and set the site url in rocket chat settings to the same, rebooted, yet nothing changes.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is happening?