Agular 6+ integration

Hi, everybody.
I apologize for my may be too broad question but I’m absolutely new to XMPP/TeamChat world.
I’ve been asked to develop a Web Site/Blog (Wordpress Backend + Angluar 6+ frontend) with a Live/Team Chat feature integrated. The chat server should therefore be self hosted.
I’ve searched the web, but I’m confused. Sometimes I find tons of overwhelming information, other times I find almost nothing. For example I don’t seem to find a well documented Angular/Typescript XMPP client library.
What I’m looking for is an open source self hosting server, with good rest api configuration capabilities, along with a library to be used to create a Web client in Angular.
I repeat, I apologize for my really newbie question, but I can’t find a way to kick off the project.
Any suggestion, recommendation or hint will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot

I have a situation similar to yours. Is your problem solved?