Add server address to msi

In our organization we are planning to deploy Rocket.Chat via GPO. For now I can’t find a way to add server address to .msi package for the user to be prompted to type in login/password only during the first launch. I used Orca to review .msi with no result.
Is there any way to add server address? Directly to .msi or starting .msi via CLI with additional parameters.

You can create a custom servers.json file as per GitHub - RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.Electron: Official OSX, Windows, and Linux Desktop Clients for Rocket.Chat

You can also deploy a fully configured config.json to %APPDATA%\Rocket.Chat, however there is currently no easy way to deploy per machine (vs per user). There is outstanding feature requests (example Feature request - Read partially configured "config.json" from <INSTSALLDIR>\resources · Issue #1838 · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.Electron · GitHub ) to improve this functionality.

Thanks for the advice.
I thought about edditing config.json after the installation or replacing default file with pre-configured one. Right now it is the best option i have. Seems like the only one for me, though.