All users connect to by default


@hammyhavoc @localguru Just to make sure I understand… you guys are suggesting we remove (or make it very hidden) the “Join the Community” button? I’m not against the idea, but this is also a way for new users to experiment Rocket.Chat without needing to create a new server for them.


@rafael.kellermann I’m suggesting that it’s at the very least better-explained, and that the first-launch experience at least explains or asks what a user’s intent is; whether it’s to connect to a specific server (i.e. their corporate server, or a community of interest), or they just want to try Rocket.Chat on the community server. “Join the Community” pushes people too much in the direction of the public server, and I think most people tap without reading properly when it comes to the mobile apps.

Perhaps what might be interesting is some kind of directory of servers browsable through the app that server owners can opt into, even if it’s as simple as saying a server is invite-only, but pre-configuring if you have the name of the server. This way it’d be like when users first join Twitter and you’re asked to follow some users to get you started. Not saying that this is necessarily the best approach with Rocket.Chat, as people are likely only going to be a member of one server, but it’s food for thought.

In an ideal world, IMO at least, Rocket.Chat would support federation and/or a unified view within the app so you could be messaging people on different servers, just like email, without forcing someone to create a new account on a specific server. Despite being aimed at gamers, Discord really nails the chat-based community concept.


It does seem we still end up with people joining community server and thinking they are on their own. Definitely decreased… but still happens.

How would one better present the differences? Should connect to community server be in small text somewhere instead of colored button?