Use two different language together

Hi there,
We host our own rocketchat-server V<3.1.1> as cluster mode with 10 instances running on different ports. By default, users will use the Persian language to communicate with each other but in some cases, it’s needed to use English phrases between the Persian sentences, or more specifically, use English phrases within Persian sentences when replying someone or making a thread to reply someone.
The problem here is the format of the sentence with two languages used will be messed up and broken.

Step to reproduce:

  1. write a sentence in Persian and use an English phrase within it and hit enter.
  2. select the last sentence and use the reply mode or make a thread to continue, the original sentence which was in Persian will be messed up as the English phrase will come at the beginning of the sentence.

I tried to explain as more obvious as I can to report this problem(bug). Please make me know if more explanation is needed.
I would be glad if you can help me to solve the problem with my server if it is possible.