Update Kernel and Node?


Hello Guys,

i updated to RC 070.4 running at CentOS7.

First i got Problems with 1to1 Chat and the E2E Encryption. Like when i enabled the E2E the other member of the chat couldnt see the message and couldnt write back.

After the weekend (nothing changed) the issue was gone …

But in saw in the Info from RC that there is a difference in the runtime enviroment and build enviroment:

Kernel and Node Versions are different

Kernel: 3.10.0 xxxx --> 4.4.0xxxx
Node: 8.9.3 —> 8.11.3

Are that the recommend Versions of Kernel and Node?

Should i update them? Do i have to?

And do it have to be the exact Versions or can i get newer ones?

Thanks for help