The update system for the Windows app is pathetic

It tells me there’s an update - I want to install now. It tells me it will notify me when the update is ready.
It’s never ready. Can’t update from the app.

I go to the website… but NO, there’s no this number of the app on the website, just a little lower.

I have 2.15.5, on the site the file is 2.16.2, the app tells me there’s 2.17.

And it’s been like that for a year or so when I started using Rocket Chat.

When will you do something about it? Do you want to be serious people and serious service?
Everyone’s about the apps and yet you don’t seem to want to improve it.

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Here I have the same problem

I guess this whole “chat” thing is a mess, or a joke…

I’ve got the same problem.

I’ve always just gone to the github page and downloaded the latest release from there. Always seems to be more recent the than website link.

Same issue except on MacOS. I have 45 macs that can’t upgrade to 2.17.0 from 2.16.2.