Rocket.Chat Documentation - Method: livechat:getInitialData


Method: livechat:getInitialData

DDP message



    enabled: true,
    title: 'Rocket.Chat',
    color: '#C1272D',
    registrationForm: true,
    room: null,
    visitor: undefined,
    triggers: [],
    departments: [],
    allowSwitchingDepartments: true,
    online: true,
    offlineColor: '#666666',
    offlineMessage: 'We are not online right now. Please leave us a message:',
    offlineSuccessMessage: '',
    offlineUnavailableMessage: '',
    displayOfflineForm: true,
    videoCall: false,
    offlineTitle: 'Leave a message',
    language: '',
    transcript: false,
    transcriptMessage: 'Would you like a copy of this chat emailed?',
    agentData: undefined
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