Rocket.Chat Documentation - CSV Import


The CSV importer allows you to import your own plain text files, however it does require the zip file to be in a specific format for the importer to understand.

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“… separated by a semicolon ;. Quotes are required.”
but the example shows commas. so is it commas or semicolons?

no quotes, no semicolons?
the example shows commas, with and without space after a comma:
"bradley.hilton,,Bradley Hilton
billy.bob,, Billy Bob Jr."
so is it with or without spaces after the comma?
and why is comma here and not semicolon?
and why without quotes?

Message Files
“… quotes to surround it, there cannot be any spaces between the commas.”
so here it is commas and quotes, no semicolons?

i am very confused because

  1. on channels.csv it is not clear what you want. you write semicolon but the example shows kommas.
  2. every structure is completely different (1. semicolon+quotes 2. commas 3. commas and quotes). Is this right?

(By the way I have tried several combinations and nothings works with the csv importer)