REST API: Query isn't working anymore?



I’m working with the sdk for an indivdiual bot. I have requested some information and it was working great for some time:

const result = await api.get('im.list.everyone', {
    fields: {lastMessage: 1},
    query: {_updatedAt: {$gt: oldTreshold}}

This code has given me all of the private rooms updated since a specific time. Now this code isn’t working anymore. If I forgo the query parameter the call is still working. But with the query the result is always empty. Even if the value of oldTreshold is zero. What has changed? Is this a bug? Can somebody confirm this weird behavior?

SDK Version: 0.2.9
Server Version: 0.69.2


Hi Bekay

I found some recent weirdness with API queries too. Detailed here and effected by this PR.

I can’t promise that’s your issue, but it’s a place to start.


Adding @marcos.defendi here.