Reboot loses messages / channels

Has anyone seen a situation where the Rocket.Chat server ‘loses’ messages after a reboot? I’ve been running on a Raspberry Pi using a Snap installation and almost every time the Pi reboots, my Channel is reset back to December. I’ve even tried it on an Ubuntu VM as a test, installed Rocket.Chat, added a user, added a couple of messages in the default channel, then reboot the VM and messages are missing. Any ideas?

There are some knowledgeable folks and some testing here

Would that help on a standard Ubuntu VM (not Raspberry Pi)?

You asked about a Pi…


You’re right. My first question was about a Pi but I’ve seen the same behavior on a standalone Ubuntu VM.


If you are using snap look at #ubuntu-snap on

There is also a #raspberrypi channel too.

Make sure you are on latest 0.74.3 (v1.0.0-rc.3 is on the edge channel on Pi)