One forest and many domains


Good afternoon. Prompt, and it is possible as that to entice users from several domains? That is, there is one forest, it has a root domain, which has 6 child domains. Is it possible to pick up the root and child domains?
Thanks you ! =)


You can point as many as you want at a server. But only one url will be able to be the true url. Which ever one is set in the site url. All connections will go to that domain


Perhaps because of my poor knowledge of English, you did not fully understand me. I want to activate the active directory for ldap authorization. And I have a forest: my.local. In the forest there is a root domain: my.local. And the root domain has 6 child domains:, … How do I authorize a chat roster not only from the root domain and from child domains.


i’m not an ldap guy, so i’m guessing via ldap selectors. Maybe someone else here knows?