"logout from other logged in locations" persists

Hi . this button “logout from other logged in locations” now shows constantly in ‘Profile’ of a user. you press the button and it says “logged out of other clients successfully”. Even creating a new user you get this (not logged in anywhere else for sure)
Since this button showed up other functionality has gone e.g. i cannot update Avatar on profile page.just get “logout from other logged in locations” with “save changes” greyed out cannot delete certain users even if admin. admin cannot delete user… no option.
actual user cannot update avatar even though user permission allows avatar update.
have noticed some blurb about “show roles” option causing problems. played around with this resetting but makes no difference
Also in users profile it says “Your Rocket.Chat administrator has disabled the changing of …”, username, name, email but in Admin Accounts these changes are set to be allowed
Any suggestions most welcome :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Still not solved problem. Lots of troubleshooting. Upshot is that any new (ish) users one cannot update profile. profile update is allowed in Admin->Account. Older users avatar update ok.
AGAIN as stated even brand new user in their profile on logging in, button “logout from other logged in locations shows. THIS CANNOT BE RIGHT? as it’s a new user so can’t possibly be logged in elsewhere! I can see Accounts page, altering various profile settings e.g. allow username change etc, isn’t always reflected on actual User Profile page… like database is not updating properly.

So i understand now that this button -> “logout from other logged in locations” is always on the profile page. So i think now that really my problem is i cannot change avatars on any of the newer users. Any old users this is not a problem. It is not a permissions problem as if i make a new user admin too the problem is still there. The ‘SAVE CHANGES’ button LIGHT GREY NOT BLUE!!!