Important issues to be fixed



When are the following critical issues going to be fixed.

  1. Admins should be able to enable video chat support for specific rooms.
    2)Different users should be allowed to create private groups under same name.
  2. Auto login configuration for SSO and other authentication mechanism are still difficult to configure.
  3. Users should have atleast three default themes to choose from.
  4. Admins should be able to create different user status other than existing ones(online,away,busy…etc) as per their requirement

Users can add other important issues to this list.

I looked at closed issues for 0.68 v and didn’t find any critical issues that was fixed.It would be helpful if you can categorize bugs as critical and make sure atleast few critical bugs are closed every feature.


I’m a bit irritated by your post…

I have the feeling that you are not seeing the possibility, that your issues might be critical for YOU but may not be that critical in the grand scheme of things…

Rocket.Chat has come a long way, but yes, there are issues. The amount of issues causing you pain highly depends on your use case.

As a company, Rocket.Chat also has to focus not only on “pleasing everybody” (though they’re trying) but on business aspects. Without money, there will be no staff to develop Rocket.Chat full time. This leads to the neccessity of priorities and roadmaps. Those may or may not include your issues.

Your issues above, for example, are not important to me (personally) AT ALL.

So (conclusion): the fact that your issues are not resolved may have two reasons:

  • your issues have not been reported properly via Github
  • the overall priority of your issues is lower than those that ARE getting fixed with each release

Hope I could clear this up a bit … which (for me) should in general be pretty self-explaining.

Hint: if those issues are CRITICAL to you, you have either chosen the wrong software to begin with or you are not able or willing to invest (time or money) in the resolution of those issues.