Enforcing Registration Requirement to Utilize Push Gateway

seriously: I justify migrating from slack to rocket.chat in front of my boss with:

  1. we are on open source and selfhosted then, so no more costs besides the maintenance and our hardware
  2. privacy and security issues are really important to our customers. With a selfhosted solution we are in charge all by ourself and no company data is processed outside of our control

You’re taking away both arguments within one day.
This brings me in serious need for explanation in front of my boss. I spent a lot of time (= company it-budget) migrating to rocket.chat, contributed code for “slack corporate-export”-import and trusted your buzzwords about “your data, security, selfhosted,…”.
The window of time for this changeover is rediculously short.

I totally understand that you need to earn money but, you could: offer payable support plans, offer hosted instances for companies without it-departement, etc.
Don’t fool around with the open source community. At least: provide valuable information about push-messages leaving an instance so that it-departments can decide of migrating to a alternative or paying you. I need facts/data for business decisions, not a registration to a crystal glass.

Man, I really hope you are still an agile team of devs, come together and discuss this topic instead of box this through.


It was just a scam to force you invest in their infrastructure. I’m in the same situation now. But we’ve already migrated and who knows how to get export the data now to move back to slack…

I completely agree with all said above.

Moving from Slack to Rocket because it was free and secure. Now Rocket seems neither free (soon) nor secure (already?).

We’re already discussing moving to new platform. This just wasn’t honest from RC team.

I expected you might. :slightly_smiling_face:. But you also should know by now that I’ll address anything privacy that I can. :slight_smile:

But I did also say no tracking cookies. No facebook, LinkedIn, and other trackers that plague privacy across the web. We do still of course utilize analytics.

Google tag manager shouldn’t be loading anything but google analytics. And tag manager specifically we can likely get rid of at some point. But it doesn’t it’s self set any cookies.

Regarding stripe. Yup I’ll remove this. It’s right on that board of being tracking cookie. I believe they added a way to only allow this set at card insert and maybe not at all. According to stripe it helps with detecting valid cards. But I agree a bit odd having the cookie and script loaded at initial contact. I’ll investigate getting it not to set a cookie at all.

Just save yourself the pain :wink: You know I might not be around much, but will always be watching for rash statements.

We will be moving one instance to Matrix in due course, and likely the other to follow. Sad that some decisions have cost Rocket so many good people :frowning:

Using that tracking stuff just to login is a nonsense. I can understand some bits when you are making a payment (and that could have been via a panel in Rocket - the whole cloud thing is totally unnecessary), but even those don’t need to be everlasting.

Whilst you are about you might want to speak to Karina M in support (who has been entirely helpful)

My test instance registration is rogered - we discussed this on open.rocket some long while ago but I never bothered to get it sorted… hung in pre-registered and can’t finish it.


Hope you and yours are all well.



After analysing with the team your concerns on this thread we wrote an Update on Registration Requirement to Utilize Push Gateway to address most common questions.

I’ll address some specific comments later here, so just bear with me.

The privacy implications of the alert system used to send you this update message are going to be discussed here.

Thank you all for the feedback and help we continue to build a better platform and a company to support it.



Most definitely. We are constantly reinvesting all our revenue and much more into the product. We do have to keep our burn rate at control, so we depend on raising our revenue at this stage to add more developers to the core team. I trust the community understand that support the project financially is key to our success on making the platform better and longevity of the project.

Thanks for the feedback and ideas. We will make some of those changes to report on and allow better control on how much push notifications are being sent, before we impose any caps.

I’m for one, have receiving all too many notifications, so I notifications should only be sent when a user gets mentioned. This was the default behaviour for a long time, but we changed it due to community request. It is still a setting on the admin panel that can change the default behaviour for the whole server.

Thanks. To me the way notifications should best work is really specific to the channel. Some channels I absolutely need a notification for every single message that hits the channel. Other channels I really only need one notification that something was posted there every hour or so.

If it seems too difficult to make the controls that fine-grained, the one filter that I think you could / should really apply across the board is not to trigger multiple notifications from the same user in the same channel when they are rapidly posting one separate sentence after another into the channel. Maybe something like a blanket 1-minute throttle per user would work. A lot of people seem not to understand that you can create separate paragraphs within a message (e.g. by hitting shift-return on desktop) and so they make each paragraph - or even each sentence - of a long-ish message a separate post to the channel triggering many notifications in a row within a very short time. If there were just one thing RC developers could give me, throttling that situation would be a great gift.

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So true… I like your idea. We have already a queue, we could merge message on the queue before sending them.

Hello, well i want to sign up. But how? I don’t see a link or description how to do this.


If you could do that and make the length of time of merging before sending a user drop-down preference per channel it would be :boom:

Take a look here: https://docs.rocket.chat/guides/administrator-guides/connectivity-services

This should help getting you registered

Hi, I don’t get it. How do I register my private servers? I don’t see any options to register at the push gateway. Plz help.

Limits will be per workspace.

Goto admin->connectivity services

If shows a place to enter a token then you know you haven’t yet registered.

Goto https://cloud.rocket.chat create or login to an account. Then click add self-managed workspace. Click online.

Or better yet take a look at the guide here: https://docs.rocket.chat/guides/administrator-guides/connectivity-services


I’d like to thank reetp for his engagement in this topic, he’s saying what so many of us who passively read this thread are thinking. I have only registered to add my voice to his.

This news is very concerning and this tactic is predatory and a slap in the face for everyone who put their trust into this project. If you had announced this together with an alternative for us to set up our own gateways there wouldn’t be a problem here at all. This is very clearly aimed at slowly strong handing people into a monthly cash flow. I have no problem with paying for open source software but it’s not going to happen by near-extortion like you’re doing it. Just last month I’ve paid 120$ for a lifetime license for rambox for example, simply because I love the project (and ironically because they had rocket chat integration). I would have been more than willing to buy a similar license, especially if it had extra features like the eternally delayed mobile-client E2EE. But not like this. You will not find me among your customers, as I detest recurring charges - especially with a nebulous pricing scheme. My users will go without notifications and if this turns out to be a grave problem I will abandon rocket entirely and warn people to stay clear from this mess. I’ve just contacted https://www.privacytools.io so that they monitor this thread and if needed down-rank or add a warning to their recommendation of rocket chat.


The ability to talk to Apple and Google directly has existed since way before the push gateway was added. This will always remain an option through all of this.


[edit] fixed link had wrong url in clipboard still :see_no_evil:

You will be able to do so, a month before you have to make any decisions. We are adding a push notification usage report on the admin panel. Only after we and the community had enough time to understand the usage, we will set and impose the final caps.

We have changed the behavior to make much more clear, and all changes are configurable on the admin channel. I for one, would make my own server to only send push notifications on mentions by default, and teach users to use the granular configuration per channel to change it for important channels.

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What do you mean? All our mobile apps are 100% M.I.T licence. You do understand that you can build your own binaries from the source code we provide and publish your own apps to the stores? Hundreds of companies have done that, especially for white-label.

How exactly? We publish all the source code for all the mobile and web clients.

Me too, but what do you suggest we do with the recurring charges we get from AWS for keeping the gateway servers running and from Google and Apple for maintaining the push notification certificates?

I am honestly surprised and disappointed by your apparent lack of empathy with the team that is working so hard to keep this project growing.

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Do I need to register if I am using my own push gateway with APN cert generated in Apple Account?