Desktop Notifications won't Sound for DMs


I am supporting a small callcenter of about 50 agents. We switched from Slack to Rocket.Chat a few weeks ago. This issue has been happening since installation. All agents are using the Desktop App Version 2.16.2 on Mac Minis.

A few agents will not get Audio Notifications from DMs but will get Desktop Notifications. I have Default User Preferences > Audio Notifications Default Alert = All Messages.

If I manually set Audio Notifications to All Messages on the DM channel on the Agent side they still do not get Audio Notifications.

There are random agents that will not receive notifications from DMs or no audio notifications at all. Sometimes I can fix this by recreating the user profile and uninstalling/reinstalling the Rocket.Chat application. I use the direct download link from the download page instead of through the Apple App store.

Agents usually have Rocket.Chat app open on their screen as they have multiple monitors.

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 2.1.1
  • Operating System: Linux
  • OS Release: 4.15.0-1043-aws
  • OS Total Memory: 3.85 GB
  • OS Free Memory: 1.58 GB
  • Number of Running Instances: 1
  • NodeJS Version: v8.16.2
  • MongoDB Version: 4.0.13
  • Apps Engine Version: 1.6.0
  • SSL is on.
  • Total Users: 52

Any additional Information

I20191126-06:30:00.007(-5) SyncedCron ➔ info Starting “Generate download files for user data”.
I20191126-06:30:00.009(-5) SyncedCron ➔ info Finished “Generate download files for user data”.
I20191126-06:30:00.012(-5) SyncedCron ➔ info Not running “Generate download files for user data” again.

  • This is a repeating log if this helps. I believe it is because we are uploading user data.

Additional Setup Info:

  • I enabled Giphy by using “Upload App” button instead of using a Marketplace account.
  • I created a role “Supervisor” for permissions.
  • Accounts>Default User Preferences:
    • Idle Time Limit: 0
    • Notification Duration: 15
    • Audio Notifications Default Alert: All Messages
    • Desktop Notifications Default Alert: All Messages
    • Mobile Notifications Default Alert: Nothing
    • Mute Focused Conversations: False

I recently added a new user into the system. Some of my users are not receiving Audio Notifications when the recently added user DMs them. Is there a good process of troubleshooting notification issues like this?

It looks like I have an issue on the Desktop app where when I am selecting the audio sound per room, the preview button won’t play anything or I don’t hear anything playing. After I press Window>Reload then the prompts will play.

When the sound selected is blank nothing will play after a reload.

When I select default after a reload it sounds. But not if I don’t reload the application.

Thank you for your time.

Is there anything that could be causing this? I have agents that are only getting DM Audio Notifications. Are there any settings that would allow for audio notifications to act like this?

If I change any audio notification settings per channel by pressing the 3 dots>Notifications Preferences>Sound OR Audio then I get no audio from private channels. I have defaults set under my account>Sound.

Is there anything that I am doing that would cause audio notifications to be mute or delayed by a full 5 seconds?