Custom auto-linking?

I’d like to create custom auto-linking in Rocket Chat. I was not able to find an app for it. In Bugzilla, it auto-links something like “bug 1111” to that bug’s page. I’d like to do the same thing in Rocket Chat so a person can just click on it to go to the bug page. We are able to do this in TWiki by specifying “Bug:1111” (using their InterWikis plugin). I’d like something similar in Rocket Chat. If something like this doesn’t yet exist, any quick pointers on how to get started on writing my own app to do this would be appreciated. I assume it would need to look through a message on “pre-post” and rewrite it with the proper link. I’m not yet familiar with how to do that though.

This might be a good one to take a look at

I realized I am extremely late on this, but I have some example code of doing this with github links: