Anyone has used 360dialog Whatsapp yet?


We have found this

And yes, it seems to be really good; but my company has several questions in order to proceed with it, and we would like to read feedback from the community

1 A) We have read in the rocket chat docs that this API opens a livechat instead of a channel. Our current service provider uses the channel system because it’s better to have a team reading the information. With the livechat only one person can read it and give support. We want to know if it’s possible that this API works with channels instead of livechat

1 B) If it’s not possible, is it possible to have more than one agent in the livechat in order to have several people working with the client?

  1. Is it possible to send messages to clients from zero? Our current service provider uses a bot to send message to a number that hasn’t contacted us before, so we can start a Whatsapp chat instead of waiting for the client to contact us

  2. Our current service provider API has some bugs, when we try to share an URL, the URL arrives at the client with missing characters, making it difficult to share tutorials. Is there some kind of filter or restriction in this API? Would we be able to share any URL?

  3. Another bug with our current service provider API is that the channels can’t work with Whatsapp groups. If the client creates a group and adds our Whatsapp company number, the channel in rocket chat is created but we can’t send any text, the clients in the group can’t read us

  4. Another bug with our current service provider API is that the forward doesn’t work. We or the clients try to forward a message to quote it, and we don’t see it in our rocket chat channel, making it difficult to give smooth support

Thank you in advance

Hi! Sorry for the late response :frowning:

1 A) - The current implementation is for the Omnichannel. So guest’s messages from Whatsapp will create a new omnichannel room/chat, not on a channel. However

B) multiple agents can interact with this visitor.

B) 2 - Yes, you can initiate the interaction using the templated messages.

B) 3 - This integration has official support from Rocket.Chat.

B) 4 - This integration works only for direct messages

B) 5 - I will have to check for this answer.

I just published an announcement about this new integration, please, feel free to interact or post any other doubt there. THanks!!!

Thank you. I will check this with my team